A single solution for all transaction needs

Personal IBAN

FUNDSTR offers IBANs opened on electronic money holders name - allows receiving and sending funds at client’s own name.

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SEPA Credit & SEPA Instant

FUNDSTR supports SEPA instant – all incoming and outgoing transfers are happening at the same moment with all banking service providers connected to SEPA instant.

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The highest level of security for a stress-free mind!

We consider your funds safety and protection our highest priorities! With several layers of security, your money is backed by our network of global partners.

Exchange currencies at lower rates

FUNDSTR is using wide network of banking partners and liquidity providers to ensure lower rate and higher variety of currency exchange.

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Local Remittances

FUNDSTR has many local payout capabilities around the world for faster and cheaper remittance service provision.

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Multi-currency wallets

Electronic money holders are allowed to keep, receive, and send funds in different currencies, as well as complete currency exchange operations in the banking platform using real time rates.

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Bulk payments

FUNDSTR banking platform supports bulk payments for fast execution of mass payouts.

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Personal touch and fast Support

Individual approach ensuring faster communication and higher support level.

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